Step 1

Save before you Click 

* Sign in to your google account to connect to your Drive!

  • Select where you want to save your image (A button above camera button called datasets)

*Create your Datasets straight to drive (Pictures) 

* Select the target folder (datasets) before you click and Pikk (Click) to save

* 2 aspect ratios to choose from (1:1 and 4:3)

* No Hassle to segregate and label them

* Image compression

Some problems you might face!

  • The app may crash if you are using darkmode
  • When you create new folders, you may see multiple copies
  • We haven’t quite figured out what flash we would need, so it just works on clicks
  • You may have to approve the sign in in your notifications
  • If your internet connection is slow it may take some time for your data to reflect in the drive
  • Your drive may have other folders, which could make it a little confusing to select where to save. We suggest you to use a drive account which is clean or organised 

Don’t worry if any of this happens please restart the app the problem would probably be fixed

If there is anything we can help with or any doubts please write to us #Pikkc #pikkc

made by Pikk Team. Pikk (Mystic Quantum)